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The Smiths- There is a light that never goes out

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u ever read a text an be like “nah”

u ever jus look at life an be like “nah”

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Seven Years- Saosin

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Prince Charles looking out of the windows of Buckingham Palace, Coronation Day, 1953.


this is so idk it always tugs my heart cus you can tell it’s legit

Fog Machine
by Skyler Brown

black and white horror/gore blog here.
Anonymous asked: Just an old friend returning once more. The same anonymous as before. Ha, that rhymed and I didn't mean for it to. Anyway I've been thinking for quite some time since our last encounter on here. And I very much so miss being friends, and our long conversations. You are very wise, and empathetic, and you have a deeper understanding of things. Much more than the average person. Its unfortunate things ended up the way it has, as it has with majority of my friends. Life does strange things though.

Hello how have you been, return to my life soon dear friend

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